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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 117/162

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim versus Team Frapuccino of Olympia

Official Game Thread for your pictures, descriptions and accounts of this game.

Lackey versus Meche

1:05 pm in the Pacific Time Zone

I wish that the Seattle rookie sensation Felix Hernandez were pitching today - we'd moidah the twerp and make the future sunburn casualty fans and dair Microsoft pensions cry in dair beer. Just call me the Dream Killah.

Meanwhile, on the Halo side of things, after yesterday's stellar audition by Darren Sutton and Jose Mota, look for a panicked Phyzzard and Hud to alternate between talking too little and talking too much. Phyz will devolve into reciting internet trivia and Rex will see the writing on the broadcasting wall and begin trying out for a coaching job by showing off his expertise in reiterating the basics.

My Runs and Hits picks: Angels: 9/14, 116'ers: 3/9

Random music selection from my ipod for this game:

That's Pep from Devo's classic Freedom of Choice album.

Nerve to tackle the hardest thing
Feet that climb and hands that cling
A heart that never forgets to sing
That's pep