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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 118/162

Toronto at Angels

Post yer condiments, oscillations and maturations here

Chacin versus Santana, 7 pm at the Angel Stadium of Anaheim

TOPIC TO GET YOU STARTED: Does Ervin Magic Santana sway his hips in the rotation when Kelvim Escobar returns, with the goggled one working out of the bullpen (replacing Peralta I guess), or does Kelvim Temperature jump in as the rotation's hot glue between Lackey and Byrd?

My Runs & Hits Pix: LAA: 5/10, TOR: 2/8

Random Ipod lyrics:
I'm Free by the Violent Femmes from Why Do Birds Sing?, pretty much their last great album

I am free from your hatred,
I've parted from the part
that I participated.
I'm free.