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#118: LAA - 5, TOR -4, (11) - Postgame Analysis

This went from a game we had to an aggravation to a game we then had to win to an inspiring clutch victory.

It is always best when Darin Erstad comes through with a clutch hit to put space between us and a stahead second place squad.

The crowd at the game was 5,000 fewer than for the Baltimore series two weeks ago - it has gotta be no free giveaways making the difference there.

Erstad continues to defy the stat mongers, coming through with RBI in the 5th and the 11th - tell me the Run Batted In is a meaningless stat as it helps us pull away from the rest of the pack.

Actually, the initentional walk to Vlad is going to become a thing to be dealt with - without protection in that lineup we get a bases-loaded flyout from Bengie. It is tough, they think we are a one-dimensional team - Vlad and then Bad - and the other guys will have to step it up and show them that this is not so.

Paul Byrd is not achey enough to go on the disabled list, but creaky enough to require Joe Saunders getting the callup from Triple A and starting Tuesday's game - Jeff Mathis was sent down as the roster move. So the Angels will only have two Catchers on their roster tomorrow - so perhaps the world will end.