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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 120/162

Toronto at Angels

Post yer trash talk and yer goody-goody squawk here

Towers versus Washburn, 7 pm at the Angel Stadium of Anaheim

TOPIC TO GET YOU STARTED: In the offseason, if it comes down to 2 years of Byrd for $6 million a year or 4 years of Washburn at $7 million a year, who do you take?

My Runs&Hits Pix: LAA: 5/8, TOR: 2/8

Random Ipod lyrics:
Suspicious Minds, sung by Elvis Presley.

Let's give Mike Scioscia's bullpen usage patterns the benefit of the doubt folks. Oakland lost and we can be three ahead after tonight - we gotta trust in Mike Scioscia (whose middle name is Lori) and Bud Black (whose real name is Harry), so keep the faith, don't be suspicious of what is going on here.

We can't go on together
with suspicious minds
and we can't build our dreams
on suspicious minds