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Giftwrapping for International Shipping: LAA-3, TOR-4

First things first, Joe Saunders pitched a hell of a game. It gets worse after that.

Frankie has been personally responsible for our last two losses - and he almost choked it up last night. For Scioscia to put him in this game was understandable. To leave him in there when it was obvious he couldn't throw strikes and had nothing over 90 miles per hour, what gives?

Of course, starting Steve Finley against a lefthander was stupider (and Kotchman - man are we a thin team against lefties) and keeping Finley in the game in the 9th inning was unforgivably dumb.

Oakland lost, but today's game screams for the permanent benching of Finley and a deeper look into where about 6 miles per hour of Frankie's fastball went.

If you haven't tried the Dots Ice Cream behind the Left Field seats, do yourself a diabetic coma of a favor and do so. The Banana Split is my favorite, but it seems Cookies-n-Cream is the most popular.