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Greg Jones

Reliever Greg Jones is coming up to the big club, just to give a little rest to everybody, or perhaps simply a sense of security. He gave us a strikeout every inning in the 27 innings he pitched for the big club back in 2003. He was originally drafted by the California Angels in 1996, which means he was with the team before 90% of its current fans!

A native of Scientology's successful Borg-like spore of a Xenu-fearing city, Clearwater Florida, Jones walked one every two innings on average in that brief callup as well. Not like Frankie walking, what, fourteen in an inning, or so it seemed. Closer to Scientology's conversion rate of one no-life nerd per day.

After his cup of coffee in the majors, he was hurt (I recall it being his shoulder) and shut down for a year and now he is back.

Greg is a Scorpio, born in the year of the Dragon, and if he is not a redhead, he at least has that freckled fairskinned complexion that people likely recall him as one even if his light follicles err on the side of brunette.

Was that too in-depth for you?