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Get on your jogging shoes and run for office

Apparently, it was a good thing to be at the game in person last night, as Hudler and Physioc decided it was time to broadcast from the stadium's diamond club. Many emails have been received complaining that more apologies for Steve Finley occurred last night than Jimmy Swaggart needed.

On top of that, Rex and Steve P apparently walked thru the crowd, holding babies, shaking hands and interviewing fans - asking about how much these people enjoyed Rex and Steve as broadcasters - yes folks, the writing is on the wall, there has got to be someone in management who has leaked displeasure at the stunted broadcasts that poison an otherwise major league organization.

Have you, like me, ever noticed that there is no shot of a benched Stvee Finley sitting alone? He is always sidled up to a coach, engaged in chatter with a few players, shootin' da shit with Sciosh - it is not a stretch to think he is wining and dining Rex the Wonderdog and KCAL's Grand Phyzzard. Who's the politician now?