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Late season LULL

Steve Finley's batting average fell tonight to below .220...

At this point, Curtis Pride, Nick Gorneault, Jeff DaVanon, and rehabbing Robb Quinlan are ahead of him on the depth chart.

There were precious few highlights in Wednesday's game. It might be more than a month before I go to another game at the stadium, and that hardly bugs me. The team is playing flat right now, and as Oakland falls back to Earth, it is like we have hit a lull before someone on one team turns into Samson and bitchslaps the Delilah that has been keeping him down.

We had the bases loaded and nobody out and failed to score. Bengie Molina hit a screaming rocket liner to the Toronto 2B and then Kotchman dribbled out a double play. Meanwhile the Blue Jays made a series of stellar defensive catches, I lost count after five grabs that took away hits before it was the 7th inning, so that is quite a few. But the game was lost the minute they announced Steve Finley in the lineup.