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Angels 13, Red Sox 4

Considering that Vlad did not have a hit in the game, tonight's score is an outstanding achievement. It would have been closer had Wakefield not been taken from the game after his ankle kissedf a Casey Kotchman liner up the middle. Wake was on the ropes, but nobody throws gas on the flame like the Sox bullpen.

Colon gave up runs after a big cushion had been established. He seemed to be playing HERE, HIT IT when he wasn't playing DOMINATE MY DOMINICAN BROTHERS.

Nice of FSN to mute that crowd booing Finley - but boo him they did.

Everyone gets wings at Hooters, Bart wins his 16th, Bengie shows he is no shrinking violet when it comes to protecting Vlad, Juan Rivera checked in with 2 homers and Casey Kotchman creamed a Boston pitch into the night early in the game - when it mattered most.

Nice night all around, we go up 2.5 on idle Oakland.