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Daily Dose of Stats

3 Angels have had more than 10 career at-bats vs. Matt Clement, Boston's starting pitcher tonight.
Orlando Cabrera is 2 for 15
Steve Finley is 6 for 26 with 4 walks
Vladimir Guerrero is 9 for 27 with 3 homeruns.

Meanwhile, the Red Sox will be sending a limo to get Angel pitcher John Lackey to the ballpark tonight.
Johnny Damon is only 4 for 19 off of Big John
Bill Mueller is 6 for 13
David Ortiz is 5 for 11
Manny Ramirez is 6 for 11 with 4 of those hits being homeruns.

Luckily trot Nixon and John Olerud are on the disabled list - they have had their way with John over the years.

The only other Boston Clown Footwear player to have more than 10 at bats against Lackey is Catcher and Team Captain Jason Varitek, who is 3 for 12 with 2 doubles.