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If you think we're a bit harsh...

In all my criticism of Steve Finley, I have yet to call for the Appier Approach, and the Pearly Gates has now done so, beating me to the punch.

After giving Frosty ample time to come back from his alleged shoulder injury, it is painfully obvious he has lost it, the worst fears of objecting to his signing are now manifest and the team suffers with him on the field or in the lineup.

To top it off, Chone Figgins is becoming an above-average Centerfielder, hopefully on his way to being great, and having a reliable Figgy in Center loosens up our crowded infield.

While I played many scenarios out on this blog and in my head about how to relieve this team of the Finley burden, the Appier Approach, the atomic bomb of player relations, just didn't seem like an option.

Well, now that the subject has been broached, and by a saner blogger than me, allow me to second the motion. Cut the hick, eat the money, fire Joe Maddon for suggesting the hick in the first place and let's close the book on an ugly offseason.