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Ervin's the man

Seven innings of 2-hit ball against the best offense in baseball - and in the daylight to boot. Ervin Santana is a 22 year old ace in the making.

We are going to need this good pitching, because the offense is asleep. Figgins' lack of playing time in the outfield really showed when he dove for a liner and missed it.

The bullpen is like the pen of 20 or so other teams - Nothing special. It is nerve-wracking to see them finagle their way out of any tight situation. There are no guarantees and we need the insurance our mediocre offense is incapable of delivering.

I had to leave the television for the 9th inning, I just could not take it. Was happy to see that Frankie worked around a hit and a wild pitch.

So it is always good to beat a tough team and a treat to see the future of the franchise so boldly on display in the present. Ervin is as cool and composed on the mound as they come. And we are 19 games above .500 because of it.