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Pitching & Vladding

Boston scored at least 5 runs in 9 consecutive games prior to visiting Anaheim. We've held them to 3, 4, 2 respectively.

Once again, our pitching is our prowess, our offense is just a calculation of what inning Vlad will be up in, how many outs there will be and how many will be on base when he does come to bat.

Vlad's next homerun will be the 300th of his career, let's hope he hits it at home, and that means today, as in not waiting for the next frickin' homestand for a dinger.

In the history of baseball, only 9 players have more homeruns hit before they turned 30 than Vlad:
Jr. Griffey
Jimmie Foxx
Mickey Mantle
Eddie Matthews
Hank Aaron
Mel Ott
Juan Gonzalez
Grumpy Frank Robinson

That is a hell of a list. Vlad just passed Harmon Killebrew. Nice.