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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 124/162

Boston Red Sox versus Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (I am totally used to saying that now, I was wrong Arte, please forgive me)

Official Game Thread

Papelbon versus Byrd, 1:05 p.m start

This is the last thread I will be posting this August. Fear Not, yeswecan is gonna be ranting with optimism and enthusiasm while I am gone. If you wanna come down to Union Station to wave goodbye and enviously check out how hot my girlfriend is before we get on our Amtrack sleeper car, you are welcome to. I packed nothing but Angel T-shirts for the entire train trip.

My Runs `n Hits picks: LAA: 8/14 BOS 3/8

Random Ipod tune: Clash City Rockers by the Clash, of course. Name the album.

And I wanna move the town to the clash city rockers.
You need a little jump of electrical shockers.
You better leave town if you only wanna knock us.
Nothing stands the pressure of the clash city rockers