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The Grass Is Always Greener, But Our Grass Is Pretty Green

A frustrating split with the Boston Clown Footwear. Before that, an embarrassing display of errors and erratic relief pitching. Yes, the Angels should've won most of those games. Yes, they should be at least 5 games up on the Green Beanes. Yes, the grass is always greener.

But the Angels' grass is pretty green, and here's why:

  1. Despite all of the missed opportunities and blown victories, the Angels are still in first place by 2.5 games. Oakland is turning back into Oakland, and nobody in the other divisions are running away with anything yet.
  2. The starting pitching has been good. According to the L.A. Times, Angel starters have given up three earned runs or fewer by the time they left in 22 of the last 24 games.
  3. GA and Escobar will be back soon. This will presumably address the Angels' two biggest weaknesses: weak offense (and, more specifically, no protection for Vlad) and erratic relief pitching (which Escobar has much experience rectifying -- see 38 saves in 2002).
I think the grass is getting greener over here (but let's save the Bob Marley wisecracks, ok?).