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Frankie Goes To Hollywood -- And Takes Us With Him

Although I don't pretend to be in the same galaxy as Sean's brilliant Shakespearean tome, I offer a scene from my 9th inning experience for you, since drama is apparently Frankie's forté:

Characters: Voice of Rory, Yeswecan, A Driver.
Scene: Dusk. In his Ford Contour, Yeswecan drives north on the 5 Freeway toward downtown Los Angeles, listening to the Angel game on the radio. Voice of Rory calls the Frankie-Tejada at-bat; the count is 2-2.

[Voice of Rory enters]
Voice of Rory: The last thing Rodriguez wants to do here is walk Tejada...

Yeswecan: You're brilliant, Rory.

Voice of Rory: ...because not only would it force in a run, it might get inside Frankie's head.

Yeswecan: C'mon Frankie. Don't listen to Rory, just throw the damn ball.

Voice of Rory: You know, Frankie has an over 7.00 ERA over his last ten games, so he's been struggling lately.

Yeswecan: Rory, shut up! Don't you know that's bad lu-
[crack of the bat]

Voice of Rory: That one's BELTED into left-center field!...

Yeswecan: $#@%!
[Ford Contour swerves.]

[A Driver appears alongside the Ford Contour.]

A Driver: Watch it, asshole!

Later, Frankie faces the next batter....

Voice of Rory: ...Swung on and missed! And the Angels REALLY benefit from the two runs scored in the top half of the inning as they hold on for the win, seven to six.

Yeswecan: Rory, I'm having a heart attack.

Kickass Angel of the Day: "Johnny Rivers" Juan Rivera -- 4 hits, 2 OF assists. Sounds like he's saying, "I want to be the Left Fielder; let Garret DH."

The Angels are 3.5 games up, and, as some of you have already mentioned, more help is on the way (Escobar).