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Cut Finley

One way to turn around this team would be to ditch the overpaid superstar and send the message that it is time for the players to pick it up a notch...

Oh who am I fooling, the season was lost a few weeks ago, we've been under .500 since the All Star break and have just been swept by the Devil Rays in Tampa Bay.

Doom and gloom, doom and gloom, let's shake the bandwagon free of some casual fans, allow the season seat holders to move up a few rows during the late-winter season-ticket upgrade and embrace the potential of the 2006 season.

The biggest mistake of the 2005 season was Mike Scioscia's loyalty to Fan-Hating Steve Finley. It is too bad, because one day, Vlad's back is going to be too torqued to play a game and the Anaheim franchise is not going to be able to field a complete (let alone competitive) major league lineup.

The 2005 Angels were the opposite of the 2002 Angels - Great starting pitching, relievers that degraded after June and were not replaced, no offense to speak of save a superstar and a me-first selfishness that saw a forty year old play hurt in order to vest a contract despite batting below .220 - DEEpressing, few bright spots, see ya in April everyone.

Oh wait, we weren't eliminated today? Oh, whew! Cool, maybe we can bounce back and salvage this pathetic season of self-entitled tantrums and irreplaceable aching prima donas, all led by a manager who cannot seem to push the right button to save his fat ass.