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The Rev Has Lost His Faith

I watched Game 6 with the Rev. After the Giants scored their 5th run, the Rev jumped up into the air while simultaneously whipping his cap off his head and slamming it to the ground. "Shit!! Goddammit!!" was the first message he uttered. The second was, "Well, this game's over. At least they made it to the World Series."

The Angels are nowhere close to being in the can as they were in the 6th inning of Game 6. But the Rev has already put the lid on it:

"...the season was lost a few weeks ago..."

And speaking of the season in the past tense:

"The biggest mistake of the 2005 season was..."

Oh, ye of little faith...sounds like the Rev has lost his completely!

Yes, the Angels are in a bad place. Can it get worse? Possibly. Can it get better? Most likely. This team is too talented to completely fold. Yes, they've played .500 ball since the break -- AND STILL REMAINED IN FIRST PLACE.

Now's the time for GA and Vlad to bust out of their slumps, for the rest of the batters to step up to the goddamn plate, for the spotty starts to clean up, and for the relief pitching to tighten up. Oh yeah, and cut Finley. (I'll give the Rev that one.)

Do not lose faith, my brethren! A day is coming soon in which all your fears will cease, and instead of bitching and moaning because of an awful series, you will be filled with Halo joy as your whining turns to wine, an overflowing cup of celebration and reflection, knowing that all the energy spent in your abandonment of the Angels in their darkest hour was all for nought.