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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 107/162

Baltimore Orioles of Maryland v. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Game Thread - Post Your Comments and Predictions Here

Bedard v. Lackey

7:05 p.m. on Fox Cable West or ESPN-2, either way would someobody please post any mood swings made audible by Steve or Rex, seeing as their tenuous contract situations will likely bring out the stupidest in them.

Lackey has been about as nails as we could have hoped for. He is a strikeout pitcher and the former St. Louis Browns squad is a hard-contact team, meaning a truckload of whiffs is not too out of he question. Our site's house astrologer pointed out that Roger Clemens and John Lackey are Texan Scorpios having great years in synch with some cosmic cycle, so GO-GO-Scorpio!

My Runs y Hits Pix: LAA: 5/8, BAL 1/6