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It had to happen some time, so I suppose Vlad finally broke down and begged Bartolo to let him rub the big guy's belly.

Angels win 10-1, meaning that the ticket stub from tinight's game is good for free chicken wings at any Hooters restaurant. We gave our stubs to an Angel Stadium usher. Mrs. Halofan is a vegetarian and a feminist, so no Hooters for this crew.

Bartolo pitched well, averaging just over a hit an inning and just under a strikeout an inning. He was slow and deliberate for the first few innings, gained some strength and responded to the offensive outpouring by slammming the door shut.

Vlad killed the ball on his first homerun, hitting it five rows shy of yours truly. His second dinger of the night just cleared the leftfield fence - causing Oriole outfielder Eric Byrnes to punch the wall for not timing his leap well. He might have had it, but he didn't, so there.