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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 131/162

Oakland Athletics vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Official Game Thread

Zito (12-10, 3.49) vs. Colon (17-6, 3.34), 7:05pm on FSN

This is the first of seven games these teams will play against each other before the end of the season. Sure, the A-holes have scored 47 runs in their last 5 games, whereas the Angels have scored 15 in the same period. But this team is resilient, right? While all the fairweather fans take their bobbleheads home and turn their backs on this team, is there anyone else out there getting stoked for this series? C'mon everybody, it's fucking ON!

My picks: LAA 5/10, OAK 0/4

And now they're trying to take my life away
Forever young I cannot stay
On every corner I can see them there
They don't know my name they don't know my kind
They're after you with their promises
They're after you to sign your life away
Sixty-eight guns will never die
Sixty-eight guns our battle cry