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Wild Card Here We Come

Looking at things now, I think the Angels are the favorite to be the Wild Card Team for the American League.

This would have its advantages and disadvantages, but the main thing now is to play well and make the playoffs. Look, the subtle statistical analysis can wait - I am in a 30 cent a minute internet connection at a Kinko's on 37th street and 7th Avenue in New York City, killing time before I hop on an Amtrak to L.A., will be listening to the game on my XM satellite radio tonight and tomorrow.

Big thanks to yeswecan for carrying this blog forward through such dark times with his unique brand of optimism. Yes, I did give up during Game 6 of 2002, so that is my personality - I saw the Donnie Moore game on television and made a busriding marathon in order to attend opening day 1987 in Anaheim just to solidify my allegiance to this franchise. So there, there.

Go Angels!