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Angels 8, Orioles 4

There were a few tense moments in the game, but overall the vibe was that we were gonna win it, they were either going to give it to us or we were going to grab it, and grab it we eventually did, ina 6-run innng where Izzy and Frosty were the only Angels who made outs (Izzy twice).

Lackey was dominant and the bullpen rattled a little, but it was almost out of reach at that point.

Oakland lost. It actually happened. We are two games ahead in the division.

At the stadium tonight, a Queen Bee nesteld herself in the Mexican Restaurant beyond Centerfield and all of the bees in Orange County piled on. They had to shut down the concourse connecting the Right Field Pavillion and the Centerfield Patio area. Of course the O.C. parents were as whiny as all hell about the inconvenience - and you know they would be the first people to sue if their precious little sugar-addled child were stung by a bee at Curt Pringle's Pad.

I will rant about it later, but i am getting damn sick of the kids at the game. When i buy my ticket, It doesn't have the clause in it that I will be babysitting for most of the evening while custody dad gets drunk or high-maintenance mom goes to the bathroom for three innings.