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If I'd've told you we'd be tied for 1st place with Oakland on August 7 with Texas essentially out of it and leading the wild card race by 4 games, you'd've said Not bad, gutsy in fact.

If I'd've told you we'd be there with Escobar lost for most of the season but due back by the end of August and McPherson achey-breaky but battling to return, you'd'vesaid Dude, we will dominate in September with those guys healthy.

If i'd've said we did it with Steve Finley hitting below .250 and Maicer Izturis being a regular contributor, you'd've said But Rex and Steve raved about the Finley signing, what the hell is going on here?!?!?!

And I'd've said That is why you gotta stick with Halo's Heaven and not listen to the sewage spewage of the old boys club in the booth - The Rev is here to deliver the truth and the truth is (dramatic pause after having raised voice in order to create maximum echo effect in the church, choir rises) ... the truth my friends is that these beaten, battered and bruised warriors are where they are today in order to kick some ass when the heathens in this league are at the cockiest, most excited, hungriest and frightenly, for their sake... their most ignorantly vulnerable. They are expecting us to roll over and we are about to rise in anger and destructive righteous fury! Thanks you, oh faithful, praise the Vlad, in the name of the Joyner and the Ryan and the Bobby Grich, Ay-MEN!