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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 141/162

Winged Spirits versus Laundered Footwear

Official Game Thread

Colon (fingers crossed) v. Garland

10:15 a.m. on Fox National - Any game without Steve Physioc at the mike is a game for which I will get up and make the coffee, dear.

After last night's drama and Thursday's ejections, let's hope the team is on an inspired pumped-up roll of chemistry. Hope they went straight to the hotel rooms and did it with the hoochie roadtrip groupies quick and got a lot of sleep.

Young pitcher Joe Saunders will be ready to come into the game at the drop of a hat - or flyball, guys. Look for Kevin Gregg at some point, but these days that is a good thing!

Runs Hits pix: LAA: 6/11, CHI: 2, 8

Random song lyrics for today, from my i-tunes:
Girl afraid
where do his intentions lay ?
Or does he even have any ?