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Starting to Click

The Angels are 20 games over .500...

This is the 3rd time they have been at this level, but they have never been 21 games over the breakeven yet this season.

John Lackey was nails. Garret and Erstad are starting to swing at the right pitches. Figgins is making it happen, even Kennedy found a groove. Finley had two hits, but he also had two pathetic foulball popups, so don't get a Hudler-like boner for him to carry the team for three weeks. It will probably take an 0-for-12 by Fanhater Finley to have Scioscia take him out of the lineup after his 4 for 9 roadtrip (can we call it a) surge.

Speaking of slumping, Brendan Donnelly comes in with a 6 run lead and a guy on 1st base in the 8th and WALKS a batter. Can you say pure mop? I'm thinking Shields and Escobar are going to be backed up by Kevin Gregg late this month - Donnelly's arm could fall off soon.

On to Safeco for three, where we once again escape having to face Felix Hernandez!