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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 142/162

Winged Spirits versus Laundered Footwear

Official Game Thread

Lackey v. Hernandez

12:05 a.m. on Fox

Lackey is in the top 3 strikeout pitchers in the American League.
Let's hope he brings a pushhbroom with him to the mound.

Runs Hits pix: LAA: 9/15, CHI: 3, 11

Random song lyrics for today, from my i-tunes:
Boy afraid,
prudence never pays
and everything she wants costs money...

Can you believe that one of the posters in a rival team's sportsblog went off on our posting of song lyrics in game threads? Like, there are enough deficencies in my frickin' pinkie, speling, yeswecan's optimism, and much more around here... why pick on the i-tunes? Whatever.