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Optimism Meets Reason

After seeing Garret Anderson swing the damn bat in Chicago, we reasonable Angel Fans can now join forces with the blindly oblivious boosters who are always up, up, up! You know the ones who love everything Angel without question - the ones who would would trade Vladdie and Frankie for Eckstein and Edmonds straight up tomorrow.

While we have spent the season sulking over the holes in Scioscia's Swiss Cheese lineups, their only gloom is that Chili Davis doesn't come out of retirement to ground into double plays for the '05 squad.

Yes, that sickening breed of blind optimists has belittled our collective rage at batting Erstad 5th, Finley at all and 2/3 of a season with a roster featuring Josh Paul.

But while they line up to get tickets for the Bobby McFerrin Be Happy groove-a-thon, we back here in reality have a legitimate reason to look forward to watching this team play baseball:
Garret Anderson is hitting pitches away from gloves, into gaps and occasionally over fences. If he can do this consistently (and lately he looks like the good Garret of old, not like the recent just old Garret), our chances of seeing lots of October baseball just got great.