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Playing Flat

One great thing about Darin Erstad is that he is a target for abuse by statistical analysts as an overpaid player whose value cannot be measured by their limited resources. It is great that he then leads the team to success on a regular basis.

It is a fabulous thing to have Erstad come though in critical situations - his Game 6 homerun, his double off the wall in Oakland last September, a few others - as it posits that all of their knowledge is useless in the face of something beyond that which is measurable.

Regardless of how one can stack up Darin's performance on the field, Erstad is a leader in the clubhouse. Erstad is the heart and soul of this team.

And Erstad choked like he has never choked before when he grounded into a bases-loaded double play off of a lefty reliever whose sweeping slider away was obviously out of Darin's reach, especially when considering the consequences of taking a risky swing. Darin choked. We lost. We are still in first place. That is all.