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Everybody's Asking "Which Side Are you On?"

You think a dramatic shakeup would do anything positive, or signal desperation?

Does keeping the lineup and fielding situation static telegraph faith or resignation?

Ever had a friend in the emergency ward? You cannot do anything but pace and wait. And hope, of course. You hope for the best and worry about the worst.

The letdown here -the 2005 season- is different in that we sunk this season. We were perched pretty high and we just slowly deflated. The lead, any lead, was an illusion; we've always been even with Oakland.

So would a radical change make a difference? Would starting Erstad in Centerfield shake things up? Darin's tweaked knee precludes this ocuring, but it is more metaphor - where is the correct combination? (and yes, I have made the assumption that there is a perfect combination somewhere amidst this roster)

Why is Cabrera batting 2nd? He was batting .247 on July 28 hitting #7. Today he is batting .256 for the season - and we are under .500 with him in the #2 slot. I'm not fixating on any one thing, just pointing out that Scioscia could be attacking this situation from any one of a few vantage points - and if taking Erstad out of the #5 slot is his idea of radical shifting and now we are done and set, well then, look out below!