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Just a feeler for who's faithful...

I bought 2 tickets to Games 1,2,6 & 7 of the 2005 World Series at Angel Stadium of Anaheim.
They cost $69 apiece. If the Angels do not make it to the World Series, the money is applied to my season seatholder account.

I was wondering if anyone out there had the stones and the cash to buy those tickets from me outright. If the Angels do not make it though, there will be no refunds - you get some brightly colored pieces of paper rerpesenting what might have been. If they make it, you are the faithful fan of the century, have a lucrative investment and I eat shit as well as have to come up with another huge chunk of change for '06 season seats.

Whose got the faith, the stones and the cash? Anyone?
It is non-binding to say that you are on it, but I may just call your bluff.