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Bullpen Recap

Other than the Shields meltdown, that was a fine afternoon getting sunburned at the ballpark. Perhaps the final sunburn of 2005! Perhaps the final Shields meltdown of 2005!

Hey, we can hope, can't we?

Paul Byrd gave up one run in 6 and 2/3 innings, so along with Santana, he has delivered on the faith of those who were steady in light of recent weak outings by Bart and Lackey.

Having Kelvim come in the game bodes well for the next few weeks, as it gets him used to the few innings a night routine. Escobar is definitely the pecking order supporter to Frankie.

Currently Logical Bullpen Usage:

Frankie - 9th inning with a lead

Escobar 7th and 8th in tight games with a lead, extra innings when tied

Shields - 6th inning with a lead, 7th -9th inning when tied

Donnelly - none of the above.