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Halo Nation


So we went out to the stadium tonight. Due to my trip to New York City, it had been a month since I had been to a game there. We sat in totally different seats - my season seats are in the Right Field Pavillion almost behind the centerfielder and only six rows up - I've watched approximately 20 -40 Angel games per season from this vantage point for the past four seasons - and maybe five from other seats - usually very good seats when I cross path with a desperate scalper or unsavvy eBayer.

Saturday night we sat directly behind home plate and all the way at the top of the stadium - about ten rows from the suicide ledge. It was great to see Santana's pitches flying on the side of the plate and the hitters looking at the umpire as if he were retarded. Could not tell high and low in the zone to save mah ass though. The high perspective also gave an appreciative view of the corwd getting into the game, follown Santana's pitching performance and stirring mightily to the 8th inning rally.

After looking at the crowd from the stadium apex, i cannot buy anyone's argument that our fans are anything but INTO this team. They were loud and wild every time it mattered.

It was a great night all around, on the field, in the stands and across the Halosphere.