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Sunday Tailgate

Me (the Rev) and yeswecan are going to have a little tailgate session before the game tomorrow.

Where? At the famous Anaheim $6 dollar parking lot. Wow you can save a whole two dollars. But wait, there is more - you can soothe your decades-long addiction to alcoholic beverages without worrying about the random Angel Stadium pig patrol (who never seem to arrest big-titted O.C. hoochie mama drinkers who wave all flirty at overpaid-in-blue welfare state pensioneers with badges, guns and a disregard for civil rights).

So anyway, yeswecan and i are going to make the lot early and he is going to barbecue up some carne asada - I am retarded and don't know how to do things like cook or clean or write interesting content or root for a team that won't break my fucking heart.

If you are reading this, drop by after Noon. We look like two white dorks with a barbecue - but unlike every other man in the city limits of Anaheim, we are both pretty fucking svelte, so look for the skinny white dorks with the barbecue.

ON THIS MAP the $6 lot is SouthWest from the Helmets, see the place where there are a few buildings and parked cars? That is it!

When the game starts, we will be getting a sunburn in section 240, 6th row - again, skinny, white, dorky, no kids.