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The 2005 Angels are a classic Old Skool Model National League team, straight out of the old skool:

+Superb defense is fielded even if it means a little pop at the plate is sacrificed for baseruner-suppressing leather.

+The pitching is league-best or you are shown the Appier trapdoor (as Kevin Gregg was midseason).

+One superstar stick is surrounded by a professional cast of above-average hitters who can pressure the opponent's defense when they get on base

+A bullpen, stellar at times, average at other, with a wide range of situational choices.

+Basepath preparation and mastery, knowing that one little flub on the part of the opposition could put you over the top, as the pitching has kept it close.

Sounds like a Whitey Herzog recipe for 3rd place in the era of the 3-run jack ... BUT this team could be a model for the year the juice ran out of the league, the testing leveled the playing field and the ability to bunt a runner over, steal a base or get from 1st to 3rd on a mildly deep single were as valued as raw homer power and paid off almost as much in the box score.