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Almost just ain't

The A's won but only because Minnesota allowed some unearned runs and then came almost all the way back and torched the Oakland bullpen. So that is the silver lining - the confidence is not toward their pen.

We lead the A.L West by 1.5 over the Holy Grails.

The L.A. Times has a puff piece on Mickey Hatcher in Tuesday's edition, likely designed by some crony to save the Hacker's job. Many Angel batters go on record raving about Hatcher, while Mickey makes sure to point out that a big part of his job is to crush any cup that is standing in the Angels dugout, as that assists a superstition carried by Darin Erstad.

Here is a superstition for you guys: the Cleveland Indians fired their hitting coach, Hall of Famer Eddie Murray, midseason and have had a winning percentage above .700 since.