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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 152/162

Texas at California

Official Game Thread

Young Vs. Santana


While you want the team to exude confidence and perhaps even swagger a bit, they should also retain their focus and concentrate on the task-at-hand, one game at a time. I believe that they have the manager who ensures that this happens.

Angels with significant activity against tonight's opposing pitcher:

Vlad is 9 for 15 with 4 Homeruns
Figgy's 4 for 15 with 3 Doubles
Garret is 5 for 11 with a Homer
Erstad is 5 for 15 with a Double
Cabrera's 2 for 5
Finley's 1 for 7, so Mike still has to scratch his head over how to form a lineup...

Runs/Hits Picks: LAA: 8/14, TEX 5/11

Random Lyrics from my i-tunes, Chinese Rock, by the Ramones:

Somebody calls me on the phone
Say hey-hey-hey is Arte home
You wanna take a walk
You wanna go cop
You wanna go get some Chinese rock

Definitely not an Arte Moreno reference.