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Light Up That Frickin' Halo

A total team effort saw the pen and lineup combine to pick Paul Byrd out of the Luzah Pyle. Tampa By's Fossum tossed his legendary eephus pitch amongst an array of goofy offspeed junk and had the whole lineup confused. But when Darin Erstad homers off a guy in his third at-bat, that guy is toast, basically. And when Erstad homers in a 5-3 ballgame to make it 5-4, well, ask Dusty Baker what is likely to happen...

So try as he might, Lou's bullpen management did not work and Lou's pen did lose it. Casey Kotchman got his first major-league pinch-hit, and it was a big one, a two-run single that broke a 5-5 tie.

Something that I have noticed in this 7-game winning streak:

1. Team... Vlad has contributed very little, has hit no homeruns and has not been the center of attention - although he has contributed with singles and bases-on-balls (not all of which are intentional).

2. Starting Pitching Regression... It had to happen, but of our 7 wins, three were not "Quality Starts," which I know sounds insane, but if you want to get picky, it earns the squad a big TSK TSK from Steve Physioc.

3. Bullpen Rebound... They picked a fabulous time to make it happen. Shields has risen to the Escobar challenge.

4. Orlando Cabrera... He of all people has been playing an elevated game of late and the dearth of Eckstein T-Shirts and jerseys in the stands is testament to his glove and his bat. Props to you, Cabby.