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Bartolo's Bogus Journey

The winning streak had to end, sure, but with Bartolo lobbing tomatoes for the Devil Rays to tattoo into souvenir land?

Here is all I gotta say about the offense: Robb Quinlan batting 5th.

Fan Appreciation day was crammed with eager lottery-winner-wannabees, but a couple in my season seat area said they'd been coming for 30 years and had never won anything. Puts a damper on it all. After the game and despite the loss, the Angels walked out of the dugout en masse and applauded the fans.

In an historic first, yeswecan dined at Fresca's on Katella before the game and pronounced it "Great." He said the Pacifico Beer consumed before Noon tasted "Great." He didn't win any of the Fan Appreciation Day raffle prizes, but still pronouncd the Angels' organization as "Great."