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Halo Heaven Homestand Notes ...

In case you hadn't heard, Jose Guillen was suspended for a game by the league - for throwing a helmet and other stuff after a balls-n-strikes argument. Crank Robinson's Nationals were mathematically eliminated in the National League yesterday.

For everyone who wants to piss and moan over Angel General Manager Bill Stoneman's decisions to waiver wire Derrick Turnbow and Bobby Jenks, please be reminded that the team's co-MVPs were Stoneman acquisitions - Chone Figgins was acquired in a trade during the 2001 season and Bartolo Colon was signed as a Free Agent prior to the 2004 season.

Current MLB Stolen Base Leaders:
58 - Jose Reyes
56 - Chone Figgins
56 - Scott Podsednick
54 - Juan Pierre

While every player from Steve Finley to Scot Shields has a T-Shirt with a Uniform number in the team gift store, only three Players have their own illustrated T-shirts in the Angels Gift Store - Vlad, of course, has a few designs. Chone Figgins and Darin Erstad round out the popularity contest.

Big rumor in the View section among season seat holders is that offseason plans do not include raising ticket prices, but will see the end of the buy-two, get-two free promotion - effectively doubling season seat holder prices or halving the number of seats they purchase. This would be a great act of goodwill on the part of the Moreno administration as many potential season seat holders would relish the chance at seats in great locations rather than the slew of chairs in Row T and beyond that were available in this past offseason. And with good seats languishing unused on the dressers of the idle rich, new blood may effectively distribute tickets to a wider range of casual fan and, of course, their wallets.

Attendees of the September 23rd home game were treated to a mid-inning without commercials or computer games - Arte's little Libra, Carole Moreno, was wished a Happy Birthday on the stadium big screen. Tell the old man we need a bat with pop in the offseason.

And speaking of the jumbotron, Fan Appreciation Day was a lot lighter than in seasons' past... the video "Thank You" of Angel coaches and players telling us we are the greatest fans was FROM LAST YEAR ! Lazy and sloppy is such a bad combination.