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Some Thoughts on Joe Morgan

ESPN broadcaster and Baseball Hall-of-Famer Joe Morgan is an imbecile.

He was broadcasting in Oakland tonight and his behavior caused my name to be engraved in stone on the long list of those who will forever loathe his broadcasting sensibility, or lack thereof.

In the 9th inning of a close game with playoff implications, he began a discussion about the Federal Government's steroid policy. He did this solely because there will be hearings this week and he wanted to make certain his views on the subject were aired.

As if ANYONE gives a fuck about what some out-of-touch egomaniac thinks. Let's not forgive the audacity that assumes his now-public opinion is going to carry weight in the upcoming hearings. Finally, and most egregious, was the brazen ego on display blaring out like an out of tune trumpet: Joe Morgan's two cents are more important than the baseball pennant race.

I could almost understand casual chitchat about the upcoming media circus and the positions one has regarding steroids - but in the early innings. Morgan's discussion was neither early - 9th inning - nor casual - he practically made a policy statement.

He encroached on an intensely important moment for the American League West race, all because he just assumed we needed to hear his opinion on the matter. And it did no good, made no impact, changed nobody's mind and was all but forgotten, save for making the final convincing argument for as to which side of the fence I am on in a growing national debate. No, not the steroids debate...The Joe Morgan Sucks Colloquium.

So I will say it clear: as far as sports broadcasters go, Joe Morgan is an amateur turd.