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Gotta win the tight ones

Looks like Lackey finally got enough run support. Always nice to see the enemy of stat-based moneyball, Darin Erstad come through with a clutch hit even though clutch hitters do not exist.

If Steve Finley is actually warming up and we can expect to see him batting 7th against Right-handed pitching, welcome to the club, Frosty, heat on up as the weather cools down. All ain't forgiven, but the future is what this is all about.

Angels need to win one silly game in Oakland and I am driving on up to root them on, rented a red convertible at Enterprise today, this watching it at home bullshit has got to go. I will run onto the field naked if they clinch in Oakland, so just mention the player you'd like to see me mount on the field and watch the next coupla games.