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There has been a lot of aspersions cast on the umpiring tonight - and even blaming the Athletics' loss on bad calls.

Everyone knows the moneyball plate discipline of the A's depends on walks, but the dark shadow of plate discipline is the pity-me puppy eyes that accompany every check-swing. Tonight, FINALLY we got the calls we should have been getting the past six years against this patient franchise.

A liner hits the 3rd Base bag and is ruled foul. Scioscia complains, rightfully.

The Centerfielder drops a fly ball and the umpire running out that way signals SAFE with his arms - Shouldn't Scioscia at least run out and see why they are then calling out the runner?

In the 8th inning, Bengie Molina takes a pitch at the letters inside and is shocked to see it called a strike. He doesn't talk smack. He just smiles in disbelief. The third strike from Frankie to Swisher is in the exact same spot and Bengie double-clutch pumps his fists harder than Frankie in righteous celebration.

Bartolo Colon could have gone on a ten state killing spree after the umpiring in last year's ALDS - Mickey Hatcher of all people got kicked out of a game in Boston when the umpire dicked the Angels on a tag-up play - one the ump admitted he didn't even see.

All the pissing and moaning about umpiring always sounds like sour grapes, even when it is accurate. But whining about a manager who actually demands that the authorities of a game maintain their responsibility - it is just a little silly. The A's fans are all still upset about Tim Hudson getting called on a balk in Anaheim last July. Funny how Hudson's season began to suck after he had to stop balking. Who pointed it out to the umps? Mike Scioscia.