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Playoff Tickets

They came today. UPS delivered them. I signed for them. They are beautiful. And it looks like they will be put into use! I won't be using the Tiebreaker tickets - $24 goes back into my season seatholder acount automatically.

It is questionable which ALDS tickets will matter - If we start a best of 5 on the road, than the game 3 ticket is worthless, as game 3 of the series would be ticket #1 and game 4 if necessary is the game 2 ticket. If we start it at home, Game 5 (Ticket 3) would be a pretty intense ticket to hold - we are talking elimination, folks, a fight to the finish, a death match.

Okay, I am getting freaked out by all of this, let's pull a Scioscia and argue with the ump -I mean, let's take it one game at a time. Tomorrow morning we leave for Oakland and prepare for my on-field nudist victory romp the moment the Angels clinch. My girlfriend has already researched getting out of jail in Oakland for misdemeanor acts of recklessness. It is a cinch!