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Reliever Roulette

I made it back to So Cal on the Amtrak.

The Angels have played a little Reliever Roulette recently:

1. They trade Reliever Dusty Bergman and a Single A pitcher i never heard of to the Giants for Jason Christiansen, a Lefty, One-Out Guy (LOOGY), something David Ortiz reminded us we need for a playoff stretch when he took Washburn deep last October.

1 (a). They sent Joel Peralta back to the minors to make room for J.C. Loogy, effectively eliminating J.P.'s postseason eligibility

2. They've released Pitcher Tim Bittner, making minor league Reliever Scott Dunn the final remnant of the 2003 Schoenweis deal.

3. They've called up Reliever Greg Jones from AAA as part of the September 1st roster expansion.

4. They've also released Reliever Bret Prinz. yawn...

Listened to the games on XM Radio - cannot say enough good things about his service - although, when you are passing too close to tall Kansas grain silos blocking the southern sky, the antenna leaves a little to be desired.