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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 135/162

Seattle Mariners vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Official Game Thread

Franklin vs. Washburn, 7:05pm on FSW

Washburn has been as good a #3 pitcher in baseball this season while Franklin's post-juice bitching is reminiscent of Seattle fans everywhere who love to talk shit about the other team but insist that all discussion of their moribund franchise to be shielded under formal decorum.

In Anaheim, we know all about that no-lube Bavasi insertion you are all getting up there - we spent the 90s under his Rohypnol like experimentation, totally unable to resist. Maybe one of you Northwest creative intellectuals can write a book rationalizing Bill Bavasi's methods as GM as an intellectual system so you can at least have a touchstone for your delusional visions of superiority.

have we got an army
we'll teach you how to act like a man
have we got an army
man I mean to tell you we can fight
have we got an army
and were gonna

do it tonight

do do do it tonight
yeah they're gonna
pay pay pay pay it tonight