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Postgame Report

Angels 7, Rangers 1

A half-scrub lineup battered the Rangers and their lousy pitching. Garret hit his first homerun in forever, but it was off of a 69 mph pitch from R.A Dickey - you tell me if that scares postseason pitching staffs...

Vlad got a hit against Texas, marking all 35 games he has faced the Rangers have seen him make a hit.

John Lackey looked okay, actually great considering he was on three days rest. When they took him out of the game, the cameras showed a conversation between Scioscia and Big John in the dugout. Scioscia had obviously planned to use Lackey 5 innings but with his 4 strikeouts in the game, John was offered the chance to go out and pitch in the 6th. He gave Scioscia a look like he didn't care about those personal records and that the team should stick to the plan. At least that is what the broadcast crew could reasonably infer. So Lackey finishes the season with 199 strikeouts.

Everyone got a chance to get sharp at the plate and on the field and yet plenty of rest was doled out with substitutions throughout the middle innings.

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