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Great Baseball Roadtrip

It was a blast visiting Oakland, and now having done it, the Mrs. and I will be putting it on our travel itinerary every season. It is an easy drive up, plenty of good, affordable hotel rooms and there is lots to do in the down time.

The Oakland A's fans were all cool, a little razzing but not a lot. they are TOTALLY INTO the game in a way that almost shamed me - as anyone knows that trip to Anaheim can often double as babysitting the children of the bored and trendy. The difference between their 15,000 hardcore fans and our 15,000 hardcore fans is that we are dispersed among 40,000+ and they are 90% of the crowd at the game on any given night.

Another plus was much better food and service, even though they are staffed by J. Neubauer's nototriously fan-unfriendly Aramark cartel.

The Colleseum was hardly the dump it has been made out to be - the sightlines were fine, in three games we sat everywhere but the bleachers and it was all good - great scalped tickets at affordable prices are everywhere. Why Oakland needs a new stadium was beyond me - a coat of paint would pretty much perfect this venue - but why the hell they charge $14 to park boggles my mind. Shoulda taken BART!