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Rage against the dying of the season

This game is not even over and i gotta say that it is just too pathetic for words.

Oh wait, we already knew that, but every time we mention what gutless nibblers the bullpen has become, some pie-in-the-sky Angel fan who wouldn't know Donnie Moore's casket from Lyman Bostock's cadillac pops up and tells us we are all not true fans because we are down on these guys and we go oh wow, they DID win in 2002, you are right, anything can happen go Angels!

Well fuck this second place team full of spineless asswipes who wouldn't throw a strike if Grandma Moses were batting. To hell with a batting order who hack away right into a ground out just to please their surrogate father, Mumbling Mickey.

And screw a manager who cannot make out a lineup that might score runs or change a batting order that is no longer functioning.

FUCK .... THESE ..... LOSERS ....