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Cut Steve Finley, Fire Rex Hudler or get pictures of them naked in a motel room together

The minute Finley is up all Rex does is pump up that he "IS DUE". All of the stats Physioc recites and all of the stats KCAL flash on the screen tell us a different story. On the first pitch of the at-bat, Finley makes an awful swing and Rex turns on the diarrhea of the mouth about how good it was for Finley to gage his swing on that pitch. They are going to apologize all the way to 2nd place for this inbred asshole.

As far as Scot Shields, he is just overmatched and psyched out. Donnelly is borderline worthless.
Suggested Bullpen Usage: I'm thinking Kevin Gregg goes the 6th, Escobar the 7th & 8th and Frankie the 9th from here on out.

This game was pretty much over when Scioscia penciled in Erstad as the #5 batter, but the team showed amazing poise refusing to succumb to Mike's dumb-jock idiocy. If you are Mike Scioscia's daughter, stay out on prom night and tell dad you were at church - tonight's game proves he is stupid enough to believ you.

Cut Finley, fire Hudler for promoting a pot-smoking lifestyle and being a kiss-ass to the fan-hating Steve Finley.

On the bright side, we played a tough Boston team very well. I am more confident today then i was yesterday in everything but Scioscia.